Lisa thinks about technology and text.


Lisa Tagliaferri is a researcher, developer, and educator.

She holds a PhD from the City University of New York. Her digital humanities dissertation, Lyrical Mysticism: The Writing and Reception of Catherine of Siena explores issues of language, authority, transmission, and reception. This project uses network analysis and visualization, topic modeling, and text mining to better understand Catherine of Siena’s literary contributions.

Lisa’s free Creative Commmons-licensed Python software development book is forthcoming. You can read her tutorials, based on student-centered pedagogy and informed by the open web for free online.


DigitalOcean Tutorials

HASTAC blog posts


Catherine of Siena's Letter Network

Data Visualization of Catherine of Siena’s Texts and Network

Futures Initiative Network

Network Analysis of the Futures Initiative

Futures Initiative Website

Web Development

In addition to her own sites, Lisa has contributed code to websites such as:

Futures Initiative


FI Mentoring Program

CUNY Maps of NYC

CUNY Renaissance Studies

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